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Like Everything ELSE hasn't been?

I'm still watching Lost.. I'm going to see this damn thing through, despite the incredible letdown of seeing Battlestar Galactica through.

There's reason to keep watching, I guess: Hawaii is still beautiful; I like having Locke be a badass again as Not-Locke; Nobody does frustrated self-righteousness better than Jack; and Sayid finally gets to simply go "crazy commando guy" at will. Claire's just as whiney as ever, but at least no one's screaming "WALT!"
I think what I'm saying is that I haven't completely given up on them the way I just about had by the end of BSG. The writing still shows flashes of brilliance. For instance, this week Sawyer sums up the entire series in a deliciously choice phrase.

Sawyer (justifiably mystified):
"Can't you just turn yourself into smoke and fly your ass over there?"

"If I could do that, do you think I'd still be on this Island?"

Sawyer (with perfect sarcastic emphasis)
"No, because that'd be ridiculous."

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No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to PARTY!

Planning parties is fun!
This Friday, Kyle and I have our Bond party, starting around 9-ish. We've just finished devising a fiendishly fun game to play with our guests (and the embassy staff). It has a puzzle, a fair amount of social engineering, quite a bit of delicious food/drink and even a little play-acting!

I can hardly wait.

If I haven't invited you, and you'd like to come, let me know: We've probably got space for a few more!
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Submit (to Ezra's Exhibit)

I have to say, it was quite fun using the tools in Ezra's studio.. especially the ones for metalworking. In another life, I think I'd have been very happy as a blacksmith.

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Ah well--guess I'm doomed to be a philistine!
I'd just like to note that it was damn cold in Georgia, almost the entire time I was there, and while air mattresses may be soft, in another way they're just like sleeping on a slab of marble--they suck up heat just as fast as your body can produce it. Compound that with having inadequate blankets (that was my fault, really), and you can see why I wasn't the most comfortable of houseguests. Even more entertaining was the first night, when we opened the new air-mattress on which I was to sleep, only to discover that the electric air pump for it required 12 hours of charge before use (according to the dire warnings on the packaging).

I filled the mattress manually--with obscenities.
(Just kidding--I grabbed a book and made the best of it. But for some reason it sounds better to sleep on a bed of obscenities.)
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Wedding on Silent Hill

My brother's wedding == unique (And not in a bad way!)!
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In fact, I didn't have a good night's sleep till I returned from GA, and managed to pick up a bit of a fever from my little sister in the bargain. I should note that in the intervening 3 days we managed to move over 4000lb of concrete and rusted steel from Ezra's studio to the gallery for his show, but the details of that story deserve their own entry. Suffice it to say, I hung out with him for the rest of the week, supporting his frantic efforts to finish on time, and ended up taking most of the time as unpaid leave. But hey--what's family for? (Answer: unpaid labor!)
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Ups and Downs

I know it looks like I haven't posted in a while, but I've got a fair number of private posts racked up now.
The Greenbride family's been having a really ill-fated year. Collapse )
So, this isn't all that's been happening in my life. I've loved every second Evelyn and I have been able to spend together over the last 5 (count'em!) months, made progress in my salsa classes, and even led an Israeli Dance night almost entirely on my own. I've got pictures from the wedding of one of Evelyn's Japanese friends at the Ritz Carlton in LA, from Evelyn's first Ballroom dance competition with her new partner (at which they placed in every event!), as well as of my costume for this year's Halloween bash with the Oak Street kids (hint: it involves preternaturally blond hair). The weekend before last we managed to visit 3 parties (out of 5 invitations) and have dinner with Shoshana and Keith (my childhood friend and her husband) who're moving out to the Bay Area for Keith's new job(, and to have Shosh's baby)!
Finally, I'm writing this from home, the night before my brother's marriage and four days before his exit show, the culmination of his 5 years of college art work.

So, I've been keeping busy, but my mind's been in a rather private place lately.
Hope no one minds.
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Another year, another fast.

This year's fast revealed my caffeine addiction: in a horrible all-day coffee headache. That and the kind of full-body malaise I've not experienced since getting dehydrated in the southern Gulf of Thailand.

I saw Sarah, her uncle Jonathan, and his two kids for the evening service and the break-fast in SF. Unfortunately, beautiful as the service was musically, I really regretted the lack of participation from the congregation. There's a delicate balance between picking fun tunes for the cantors and something along with which everyone can sing. This was shaded a little bit too much towards the cantors for my taste. Still, it was lovely listening, and they used a tune I remembered from home for the Kaddish. Mmmm, rousing!
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